on April 26, 2022
Published on March 16, 2022 Updated on October 5, 2022

EUTOPIA-TRAIN Second Citizen Science Clinic - Ethics

© T. L. Furrer
Are you facing specific challenges in your citizen science work? Would you like an opportunity to share difficulties and feedback? Do you feel you would benefit from some insight from colleagues across Europe?
Welcome to the EUTOPIA TRAIN Citizen Science Clinic!

The Citizen Science Clinic is an online workshop specially designed to share challenges and ideas for your citizen science work. Each workshop first focuses on one person’s situation.
The session is closely facilitated to ensure everyone has a chance to listen and share ideas in a non-judgemental space

After exploring one person’s challenge, we zoom out to discuss the broader context and how we can all apply these findings to our work.

If you are facing a challenge in your citizen science work that you’d like to share in one of the clinics, and where you think input from European colleagues could be helpful, send an e-mail to floor.keersmaekers@vub.be with a short description (what is the challenge you face, and what have you already tried?). We will get back to you to let you know whether your challenge has been selected for a clinic.

The second citizen science clinic, focusing on ethics, will take place through Zoom on Tuesday, April 26th, 16:00-17:00 CET.
The link will be sent to you after your registration, for which you can use this form.

The next clinic will be on June 7th. Do you want to be informed about the topic and registrations? Please notify floor.keersmaekers@vub.be