from April 22, 2024 to April 30, 2024
Published on April 29, 2024 Updated on May 2, 2024

Enhancing research opportunities through the Researchers Mobility Portal

The Researchers Mobility Portal is an innovative platform designed to assist researchers when visiting other universities. Developed by law and computer science students at the University of Ljubljana, this advanced portal offers personalized advice on key issues when going abroad such as taxation, insurance, visa requirements, and other necessary permits.

In early April, the portal expanded its coverage by adding Romania and Portugal to the already existing information for Slovenia, the UK, and Belgium. Efforts are ongoing to include Italy, with a long-term goal to encompass more countries associated with the EUTOPIA universities.

The students are constantly enhancing the platform with new, innovative solutions. One such development is an advanced source-tracking system, which monitors changes in legislation and updates electronic forms and various types of information. This system alerts administrators to make necessary updates, ensuring that the information provided is always current. Furthermore, the team is incorporating AI functionalities and improving the visual presentation of information to enhance user experience significantly.

Access the portal by clicking here