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The objective of Researcher Mobility Program is to support research visits of EUTOPIA researchers across EUTOPIA partner universities, in order to foster research collaborations and to allow the sharing of expertise and infrastructures and the development of joint research activities in line with EUTOPIA’s mission to promote a connected and inclusive academic community, addressing global and local challenges and advancing excellence and inclusion.

The program will allow each EUTOPIA university to finance a minimum of 4 research mobility projects, for a total of 24 research visits over the duration of the EUTOPIA 2050 project.

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Exploring DNA structures, Modeling language learning in robots, Investigating the role of dance in post-colonial imaginaries, Treating lung cancer, Understanding social cohesion or the influence of education on health, Upcycling waste geomaterials: just a few examples of the subjects that will be researched by this year’s cohort of Eutopia PhD Students. The EUTOPIA PhD co-tutelle programme, now in its third year, is a flagship initiative that funds excellent research projects with global impact and provides exciting joint doctoral training opportunities. Projects are submitted by pairs of researchers belonging to EUTOPIA’s different institutions and research centres. Successful applicants co-supervise PhD candidates under a bilateral co-tutelle agreement. In addition to receiving a scholarship, PhD candidates enrolled in the programme benefit from experiencing two world-class research environments and having access to common training and scientific exchange activities.

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EUTOPIA-TRAIN (Transforming Research and Innovation) LAUNCHED

EUTOPIA-TRAIN sponsors academic innovation with societal impact: it aims to integrate pan-EUTOPIA research and innovation communities and structures, and open them to society, business, students and policymakers. The guiding principle of EUTOPIA-TRAIN activities is the concept of a complete academic environment, centered in the interconnections between research, education and innovation. Among other lines of work, EUTOPIA-TRAIN includes fostering an Open Access metadata portal, realizing a common Human Resources strategy and roadmap, and creating a common Grants, Legal and Innovation office.

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