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In need of some cultural stimulation during the long and slow summer months? EUTOPIA has got you covered! 

EUTOPIA, that’s six different regions in six different countries of different sizes, different historical backgrounds, different demographics, and different cultural heritage, both material and intangible. Rather than viewing our numerous differences as obstacles, the EUTOPIA alliance chooses to celebrate them, to see the richness they represent. Or, in the words of one of our students, illustrated in her winning design for the EUTOPIA tote bag design competition: “together we thrive”. 

With #EUTOPIACultureClub, members of the EUTOPIA community share their national must-reads, favorite compatriot artists, songs, artwork, films, theatre performances, recipes for national dishes, talk about their favorite national holiday or tradition, … 

This way for a steady stream of cultural tips coming your way!
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