EUTOPIA’s mission & vision

The EUTOPIA partner universities join forces in building the university of the future aiming to:

  • Prepare students, staff and learners to be empowered European citizens in today’s disruptive world
  • Adjust the university organisation and practices to lead the challenges of the 21st Century
  • Increase and intensify the Europeanisation of programmes on offer
  • Catalyse place-making by the universities in partnership with their regions, engaging with all agencies to embed and empower the transformative effect of universities
  • Serve as an example for other universities, across Europe and in the international arena, to share and develop the focus on building transformative, challenge-driven and contemporary universities.

A principal vector of our alliance is the principle of openness. EUTOPIA embraces the Open Science agenda, creates distinctive and relevant European learning through open knowledge co-creation, builds public resource platforms which enable collaboration, fosters mobility as a mainstream learning experience, and supports inclusivity mechanisms fostering social cohesion.

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Four key principles

EUTOPIA is a challenge-led, student-centred, place-based, inclusive alliance of entrepreneurial, change focused universities. In conjunction with our partners and collaborators, EUTOPIA will be building the university of the future characterised by these four key principles:

Geared towards the challenges of the future

Our alliance will be challenge-drive to prepare students and staff as European citizens and lifelong learners who care and act for the future of the planet and humanity.

Student-centred and student-empowering

Our alliance will provide transformative and open learning opportunities, and extended horizons of expectation and ability, both across Europe and throughout the world.

Attentive to the plurality, potentiality and international pre-eminence of Europe’s regions

Our alliance will build on its place-making strengths, connecting cultures and contexts in order to enhance European capability and creativity, and support the international pre-eminence of European innovation and influence.

Committed to the principles of openness and inclusion

Our alliance will foster and support knowledge co-creation, by building open resources and collaborative platforms, endorsing open science agendas, and sponsoring the access, mobility and inclusivity mechanisms that liberate our intellectual and social potential.

EUTOPIA’s vision and mission in practice

EUTOPIA produces challenge-driven research and teaching, prepares empowered European graduates, champions regional and international involvement, and supports diversity, inclusivity and widening citizenship.

The EUTOPIA alliance is growing deeper and stronger. Today, EUTOPIA is:

  • the EUTOPIA2050 pilot project, 2019-2022
  • EUTOPIA PhD Co-tutelle Programme, 2020-2024
  • EUTOPIA SIF (Science  & Innovation Fellowships), 2020-2025
  • EUTOPIA TRAIN (Transforming Research & Innovation), 2021-2023

Six areas of focus

The EUTOPIA alliance’s activities center in the following areas of focus:


To co-create an open learning community in partnership with students and non-academic partners.


To promote an integrated, challenge driven, knowledge-creation community among the EUTOPIA institutions.


To address global challenges from a local level through the promotion of inclusive growth and innovation.


To extend the concept of open and inclusive education, innovate and modernise education and training, and provide 21st century skills and competencies in all of Europe’s regions.

Open to the world

To commit to be always open to the world through our core academic socio-cultural, political and economic intention.

Sustainability & Dissemination

To shape an open and inclusive structure with an adaptive, collaborative, multi-level governance model.

Presidential declarations