You are a student in one of the six universities of the alliance. You are open to the world, you want to activelly participate into EUTOPIA European University, you want to have say on your future. You are at the right webpage. Come and join our efforts if you would like to:

  • Participate in a European project with prestigious universities?
  • Travel around Europe and working with students from all over?
  • Actively contribute to improving your learning process and that of future generations?
  • Improve your resume and acquire new skills and competences?

If so, become a student EUTOPIA 2050 ambassador and help create a new European University model! You will get academic recognition for your participation!

We are an alliance of leading universities in Europe, challenge-led, student-centred, place-based, inclusive and open to the world. The joint mission of EUTOPIA is to build a distinctive, daring and driven alliance of transformative and engaged institutions:

  • To produce challenge-driven research and teaching
  • To prepare empowered European graduates
  • To lead regional and international involvement
  • To support diversity, inclusivity and widening citizenship

What do I have to do to sign up?

Send an email to your local EUTOPIA Project Managers or to our Dissemination office, attach a letter of motivation and a brief CV of the studies taken, languages, jobs and hobbies.


  • Fluent English
  • Be willing to commit to the pilot’s three years (maybe in one of them as alumni)


  • Knowledge of other languages is appreciated

What does EUTOPIA 2050 offers me?

  • Travel to other Universities in EUTOPIA and work with students from all over Europe
  • Contacts with students from other universities
  • Credits for your academic career
  • Recognition of the work done in the European Diploma Supplement
  • If you are in a pilot subject, a special certificate of participation
  • Improvement of your resume and acquisition of new skills and competences
  • Active contribution to improving your learning process and that of future generations
  • Participate in an international innovation process to respond to global challenges at a local level.

In which working groups will you collaborate?

  • Governance structure and strategy for a European university
  • Creating an open and inclusive administrative structure through a multi-level adaptive and collaborative governance model.
  • Joint learning communities
  • Inter-institutional teams (staff, students, scholars and stakeholders) jointly creating teaching materials and developing teaching and learning methods.
  • Communities of common knowledge and creation through research and innovation
  • Promotion of a community-driven by the approach of challenges and the creation of knowledge, that is transversal and integrated into the institutions of EUTOPIA.
  • Ability to create the environment: politics and practice
  • Developing a collaborative partner network—with universities as anchors to help connect different regions through the alliance—that will facilitate inclusive growth and respond to society’s innovation challenges.
  • Inclusion and capacity for development
  • Extension and leadership in the concepts of open and inclusive education, providing 21st-century skills and competencies in all regions of Europe.
  • Local and global internationalization
  • Development of local internationalization in graduate training; of an international community of teachers, and of a global internationalization through the collaboration with non-European associates.
  • Sustainability and the politics and practice of dissemination
  • Building a new European Inter-campus University with a common long-term strategy and sharing our learning and model with the European Union and around the world.