Science Fairs are one of the ways the EUTOPIA alliance chose to display the variety and the quality of its PhD and post-doctoral research. Due to the pandemic, the first EUTOPIA Science Fair will be organised as a virtual event—a Research Posters exhibition in EUTOPIA’s website—starting 15 February 2021.


The Science Fair intends to show the research developed by young and confirmed researchers, finishing a PhD or in a post-doctoral position, from all over the EUTOPIA Alliance.


• A virtual exhibition displayed on EUTOPIA’s website of 60 Research Posters [10 Research Posters in .pdf or .ppt format from each university of the alliance, in its original language or in English, completed by 10 abstracts in English—350-400 words—and 10 short 3 minutes videos —.mp4 file, format: 16:9, quality: 1080 p—describing in English the core issues, or a remarkable side or fact of the research topic]. The Science Fair is open to all research areas, without restrictions. We expect to gather existing posters. During the inauguration day, the visitors to the exhibition will have the possibility to talk to the researchers via specific Zoom links.
• An enriched digital publication, with all the posters, the abstracts and the videos.
• Round-tables on transversal topics organised in February 2021.
• A real exhibition of the printed posters in the campuses of the EUTOPIA’s six universities, when the COVID-19 pandemic will allow it.


All posters, abstracts and pitch videos should be in our possession by the 10 January 2021. The Science Fair will open on 15 February 2021. One or two round-tables will be organised on a transversal thematic by the end of February 2021.


Why participate? Because EUTOPIA is a European international alliance and that your Research theme may open new perspectives for other researchers of the consortium, including senior academic staff. You can expand the reach of your work to six countries, and later to a much broader audience, thanks to the publication of the EUTOPIA Science Fair catalogue. The Science Fair can also be the occasion to know and perhaps even work in an intercultural and integrated community of universities and researchers.