The EUTOPIA alliance is growing deeper and stronger. Today, EUTOPIA is:

  • the EUTOPIA2050 pilot project, 2019-2022
  • EUTOPIA PhD Co-tutelle Programme, 2020-2024
  • EUTOPIA SIF (Science  & Innovation Fellowships), 2020-2025
  • EUTOPIA TRAIN (Transforming Research & Innovation), 2021-2023

EUTOPIA produces challenge-driven research and teaching, prepare empowered European graduates, champion regional and international involvement, and support diversity, inclusivity and widening citizenship.

A principal vector of the alliance is the binding principle of openness. EUTOPIA embraces the Open Science agenda, create distinctive and relevant European learning through open knowledge co-creation, build public resource platforms that enable collaboration, and support inclusivity mechanisms that increase local intellectual and social strengths.


  • Stimulates the European Open Science agenda, relating it to teaching, research and social missions, and radiating to become leaders and advocates in this agenda’s continuation.
  • Develops the Open Educational Resources and Knowledge agenda, wherein students co-create courses and construct collaboratively distinctive curricula.
  • Fosters mobility as a mainstream learning experience, challenging the limiting practices of traditional approaches.
  • Buildss an Open Campus agenda to strengthen links between and across universities and regions. Promote an overall cosmopolitan ethos, and champion and empower students as agents of the open campus.
  • Enables inter-institutional learning to create by 2025 realising conditions for the vision of EUTOPIA. It will include the creation of a EUTOPIA learning community, a EUTOPIA knowledge community with actions geared to towards diverse and inclusive participation, and a EUTOPIA outreach and support community connecting with European universities and the world.

Our Mission

  • Prepare students, staff and learners to be empowered European citizens in today’s disruptive world
  • Adjust the university organisation and practices to lead the challenges of the 21st Century
  • Increase and intensify the Europeanisation of programmes on offer
  • Catalyse place-making by the universities in partnership with their regions, engaging with all agencies to embed and empower the transformative effect of universities
  • Serve as an example for other universities, across Europe and in the international arena, to share and develop the focus on building transformative, challenge-driven and contemporary universities.