EUTOPIA Student Think Tank (EUSTT)

We are quite excited to share this new project with all staff members and students of the alliance.

For the EUTOPIAn Student Council, it was necessary to implement a series of platforms in which students could express and share their brilliant work. That is why we created the EUSTT, a place whose aim is to connect the knowledge, ideas, and projects of students from the alliance.

The EUSTT is a think tank that will be for students run by students.

That means that we will seek to bring an ad hoc arrangement of students who will take on different crucial positions within the think tank. Therefore, the EUTOPIAn Student Think Tank will not only allow students to share their work, but will also provide skill-training which involves the student community in policy-making processes, those that promote values and human rights. As students of the alliance, we want a sound Eutopia student community that supports the EUTOPIAn University spirit and gives opportunities to future leaders.

Stay tuned!