from January 1, 2022 to August 31, 2022
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Published on November 8, 2021 Updated on November 10, 2021

EUTOPIA TeamWork: A new cross-campus, challenge-based, problem-solving programme for students!

What is TeamWork?

TeamWork is a part-time, virtual international programme taking place during summer 2022. It aims to bring together multi-disciplinary teams of students from EUTOPIA universities to collaborate and work together online, on an organisation’s project or challenge.   TeamWork provides students with valuable international and intercultural experience and skills to enhance their employability, whatever their chosen career path.

In what ways can TeamWork help me as a student?

  • It improves your employability skills;
  • It provides valuable international experience;
  • It enhances your CV and expands your professional network;
  • It improves your self-confidence and intercultural understanding;
  • It develops your transferable skills such as communication, working effectively with others and problem solving;
  • It can be life changing by helping you find out more about yourself and explore your career options;
  • It can help you gain a global network of friends and potential employers.

The University of Warwick has had a very similar programme run internally for a few years now. Here is some student feedback from those programmes:

The people I met in my project team and working on our project together were the highlights of my journey. I never expected such different opinions on what I thought was a straight-forward task – I learned so much!  I also learned how to work in a multi-national team and how to communicate effectively and easily. All great skills to include on my CV and talk about in interviews.  Working with students from all over the world has given me great experience of different cultures and ways of working, that will help me to stand out when I’m applying for jobs.” Warwick undergraduate, Engineering

Looking back, out of all the Video/Phone Interviews and Assessment Center/Final Interviews that I did, 77% (Video/Phone Interview) and 83% (Assessment Center/Final Interviews) asked Teamwork-related interview questions, which I believe shows how important Teamwork is to employers.” Warwick graduate, Management

Working with students from different universities and different time-zones really improved my collaboration, cultural and time-management skills. In an age where most companies have locations in different countries, gaining virtual project management experience at such an early age gave me a competitive advantage over other job candidates. I used my experience and learnings from TeamWork right from the online application stage to the final interview stage and it always was a highlight among employers.” Warwick graduate, Economics

In what ways can TeamWork help me as an organisation?

It is a unique opportunity for you and your organisation to benefit from having a team of students apply their perspectives, global outlook and academic abilities to your specific project or challenge.  TeamWork is also an ideal branding opportunity for your organisation. Plus, you have an opportunity to spot prospective graduate talent for recruitment.

  • Global, multi-disciplinary perspectives applied to your project
  • Giving back to the next generation
  • Branding and potential recruitment pipeline

Organisation’s feedback to the previous Warwick-based programmes:

It was a great experience to be part of this program. I am very impressed with the quality of work that came out of this project. With minor changes, we are planning to implement the students’ suggestions for our digital presence. I cannot think of a better talent tool to reach out to.” Consulting company, India

“The responsibility of educating the project group was something I enjoyed as I felt they could become potential speakers for environmental causes. It felt empowering to be able to give them the tools of endless opportunities in the current market.

The diversity, be it in the cultural backgrounds or their professional experience was certainly the most interesting and important part of TeaMWork. It helped us bring out the best in them as well as us, ultimately producing a great final project.  The students performed really well and definitely exceeded our expectations.” Social Enterprise company, Uganda

“The students’ commitment and enthusiasm was excellent. They were given their brief and got on with the tasks to a very high standard, they certainly all worked very well together. They produced surveys and social media content that we will now use. We would recruit any of them!” Charity, UK

How can you participate?

More info will be shared here on the EUTOPIA Website, as well as in the EUTOPIA Newsletter, in early 2022, so stay tuned!