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Published on December 14, 2021 Updated on December 14, 2021

12 New Learning Communities have been selected!

During the EUTOPIA week in Barcelona, the EUTOPIA Educational Board selected the third and last series of 12 EUTOPIA learning units. These will become the spill of the next EUTOPIA Connected Learning Communities. This means that we have now reached the number of pilot experiments targeted in the EUTOPIA proposal. In the last year of the project, a total of 30 learning communities will be operational.
The emerging communities have now also been opened up to the new alliance members for identifying potential interested community partners (i.e.. 10 Universities total).
All communities are either planning and/or carrying out connected learning activities across the member campuses, and across different educational thematics, disciplines, and cycles. Given the pandemic most activities taking place online and/or in hybrid form. For example, in some cases part of the students are online and others are joining from campus.
The communities currently reflect different degrees of maturity in evolving toward connected learning communities. This variance in connectedness is observable for communities within the same selection round as well as across different rounds. This variance will be at the heart of the assessment and consolidation exercises in the last year of the project.

The 12 selected Learning Units are:

Additive manufacturing of construction materials - CY

(FATE) Fairness, Accountability, Transparency and Ethics in Data Processing - UPF

Inequalities in Contemporary Societies - CY

Fundamentals of Television Direction - UPF

Nursing Care in Complex Care Situations - UoG

IMPACT Interdisciplinary Learning Platform for Sport for Social Change Initiatives - VUB

Managing Migration - UoG

Urban Education - VUB

Politics of the Walls: Political Graffiti and Street Art in a Comparative Perspective - UL

Leading Strategic Innovation in Healthcare - UoW

Design and Science - UL

Urban Catastrophes: Vulnerability, disasters and urban resilience since the 19th Century - UoW

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