The course the Learning Unit is based on is guiding the students towards developing knowledge and understanding in advanced nursing care in complex care situations. The student reflects on the complexity and ethical dilemmas in different healthcare situations based on the patient’s, the relative’s, and the nurse’s perspectives. Students are introduced to advanced nursing care in specialized fields such as paediatrics, emergency care, intensive care, anaesthesia, perioperative care, postoperative care, trauma care, prehospital care and advanced home care. By using innovative and flexible pedagogical approaches, students are learning how to turn theory into to practice and explore real life issues using student-centred methods for learning. In 2019, the course won a prize for Internationalization of Teaching and Learning at the Swedish Medical Faculties. The teachers were nominated the prize for intergrading a strong international perspective in the course were Swedish and international students are offered a global classroom.

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Lead: Veronica Lilja (UoG). Email:

Veronica Lilja is a PhD student at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden and has a background within Nursing and Public Health. Her PhD project is a part of EAPER-P ( and aims at examining the effect of and process evaluate a person-centered support through telephone and an e-health platform for patients with chronic pain. She is also a former course leader of “Nursing Care in Complex Care situations” and is still teaching within the course, focusing especially on the international elements.

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