A new EUTOPIA Career Ambassadors Workshop : How to find a job in the UK ?

The Career Ambassadors from the University of Warwick have prepared a great workshop for all students aiming to find job opportunities in the United Kingdom.

What will you learn ?

First, the career ambassadors will present the situation of the labour market in the UK, and the current major job opportunities, as well as the major websites students should be using to look for them.

Then the workshop will be divided into four sections, focusing on the different steps necessary for a job application :

Having a good CV :

  • Importance of tailoring your CV for the job offer
  • Researching on employers
  • Example of a typical CV

Having a good cover letter : 

  • Importance of a good cover letter
  • Example of a typical cover letter

How to fill in application forms : 

  • Tips when answering questions from an application forms
  • Example of typical questions and how to answer them

How to handle job interviews :

  • Tips on how to handle interviews
  • Example of typical questions and how to answer them

The workshop will end with a QnA session with the Warwick Career Counselor : Anne Wilson.

When and How ?

This workshop will take place on Monday 22nd February 2021, at 6 p.m CET (Paris), 5 p.m GMT (London)

To register, please fill this form : https://forms.gle/sqKLLGLyC6XBZCTz5

If you have some further questions about this workshop, please address them to Neha.Mutagi@warwick.ac.uk