Eva Wiberg, chair of the strategic board of Eutopia European University alliance, highlighted to @ResearchEurope the importance of maintaining the University of Warwick —and more generally all the UK universities involved in collaborations schemes— within the European Universities Initiative. 

“Universities on both sides of the English Channel have expressed dismay that the UK government has ended participation by its researchers and university students in the EU’s Erasmus programme. (…) Sean Hand, the deputy pro-vice-chancellor at the University of Warwick in the UK, described that decision as a “great disappointment” that “takes no account of the immense long-term political and cultural value of participation in the Erasmus network, the cost of creating an equally influential alternative, and the significant revenue that incoming students actually generate for our local and regional economies”.(…) Eva Wiberg, vice-chancellor at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden and chair of the strategic board of the Eutopia EUI alliance, which includes Warwick, agreed the UK’s departure from Erasmus was “disappointing”. She called on UK universities to seek national funding to participate in the alliances, saying: “I think it’s extremely important that British universities stand up together and talk to their government.” 

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