EUTOPIA Week brings together key players – students, researchers, subject matter experts and strategic partners, from across our European alliance network, every six months. This year we will be hosting a number of additional online events, open to all, to provide unique insights and enable important discussions on topics impacting society today.

The University of Warwick (UK) is hosting the second EUTOPIA Week online from 23 to 27 November.

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What’s happening?

Our programme includes a range of workshops, panel debates and open forum Q&A’s to choose from. We have engaged a range of high-profile speakers from across our networks to participate in important topical discussions relating to Higher Education and the wider global operating context.

A number of sessions will be open to the public and promise to offer impressive academic and professional expert insights into the hot topics facing our society today. Some sessions will only be open to University presidents and the vice presidents, Work Package leads and co-leads, actions leaders and members, students, staff, academics and researchers from six partners of EUTOPIA. Detail of who can book sessions is indicated on the timetable.

All sessions will be delivered online, with some limited on numbers, managed on a first-come, first-served basis. See event itinerary

Find out more about our event themes:

Join us as we reflect on the successes of the EUTOPIA alliance to date and reflect on the forward programme of EUTOPIA Week 2020

Focused sessions targeted at sharing opportunities and insights across the EUTOPIA network

Student opportunities: Sessions targeted at students studying at EUTOPIA. Practical guidance and information from the EUTOPIA experts. Find out how to:

  • Participate in projects with prestigious European universities
  • Gain practical international work experience
  • Improve your CV and acquire new skills and competences
  • Build a strong European student network
  • Develop your intercultural and employability skills

Researcher opportunities: Find out more about opportunities for researchers and PhD students offered through our EUTOPIA partnership network:

  • Researcher mobility Program
  • Science and Innovation Fellowships
  • Improve your CV and acquire new skills and competences
  • Young Leaders Academy
  • University responses to Covid-19: Open to anyone, this interactive panel session, sees academic experts from a range of fields share insights into how EUTOPIA partners responded to and aided the fight against COVID-19. A live audience question and answer session is included.

Short, topical lunchtime talks for anyone to join:

  • Cities of Culture
  • University/Industry partnerships
  • Research and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Led by EUTOPIA partners, these interactive sessions will convene expert panels to investigate, discuss and debate topical issues in European Higher Education:

  • Under the Lens: Inclusion for a European University
  • The Eutopia Education Model and the European Education Area
  • Universities and Economic Development: from Productivity to Prosperity for All
  • Researchers’ Careers in Higher Education (hosted by the Guild of Research Intensive Universities)

A series of expert-led practical workshops to enhance development of EUTOPIA members and our associated partners:

  • Developing Early Career Researchers: led by the IAS of both CY Cergy and Warwick, this session will share guidance and support from the respective centres of excellence in addition to highlighting opportunities offered by EUTOPIA for current ECRs or those considering a career in research
  • Western Balkans: how to design, accredit and launch an international /inter-university study programme.