The University of Ljubljana, the lead of Work Package 5, successfully hosted the first Western Balkans workshop on September 3-4, 2020. The workshop is a part of Sub-work package 5.2 (SWP5.2), which is specifically focused on the regional inclusion in the Western Balkans region. Throughout the three-year lifetime of EUTOPIA2050 project, there are six workshops planned. The primary goal of the online workshop was not merely regional inclusion, but the establishment of strong and long-lasting partnerships between European Universities and Western Balkans universities, as well as transfer of knowledge on relevant topics about research and development. The Western Balkans attendees that participated in the two-day workshop come from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Republic of Kosovo and Montenegro. Topics covered during the workshop primarily related to EU research programmes and initiatives, as well as ways to increase research activities at universities of Western Balkans.  The said topics were presented by experts from the European Commission and ERC, PhD students and representatives from Western Balkans and EUTOPIA, with whom the Western Balkans participants had the opportunity to discuss different matters on the topics. The participants were interested in issues such as brain circulation, research funding and support, and ERC programme, producing highly interesting and useful dialogues among the participants and presenters. Videos of the workshop will be made available of EUTOPIA University YouTube channel soon. The next online Western Balkans workshop in the series is planned for the end of November 2020. Everyone is invited to join and enrich the workshop with their participation.