The CY Cergy Paris Université, Vrije University Brussels, University of Warwick, University of Ljubljana, University of Gothenburg and Pompeu Fabra University are the six member institutions of the network.

Eutopia aims to boost its mission of operating as a network of European campuses facing global challenges through collaborative research, greater student and staff mobility, and shared innovations that serve a broader public than that of their regional communities.

The alliance unites more than 165,000 students and 30,000 staff members from six countries, with 90,000 international students associated through the partner universities. Together, the EUTOPIA universities have research centres in 760 different areas of knowledge.

The six partner universities are working together to modernize education and training, and provide the skills for the twenty-first century in all European regions. Hence, they have opted for the new competitive call “European Universities Initiative” launched by the European Commission to build a European Education Area.