During the lockdown in Europe, the activities will take place virtually


As a result of the health crisis that the world is living, the EUTOPIA project has strengthened the commitment of the universities from the alliance (UPF, University of Warwick, CY Cergy Paris, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, University of Gothenburg and University of Ljubljana) to build a shared higher education and research project, which goes beyond national borders and becomes a global inter-university campus. Given the current situation, the strong synergies deployed between universities will allow UPF to approach the future with more guarantees and consolidate its European and international vocation.

The students’ engagement and commitment to the project is still a priority. EUTOPIA will continue to deploy the necessary actions so that the entire university community can participate in the planned activities.

Despite the fact that European mobility has been dramatically reduced by the measures deployed to contain the expansion of COVID-19, the EUTOPIA project has adapted to the circumstances and continues in full performance. Thus, those activities that were planned for the coming months will be carried out (whenever possible) virtually, applying educational innovation practices and combining on-site and virtual teaching. At the same time, and with the aim of ensuring the safety and continuity of the project, right now contingency plans for each work package are being prepared in order to readjust the framework and timing of the diverse actions.

On the other hand, even in the current situation, the students’ engagement and commitment in the project is still a priority. In this way, EUTOPIA will continue to deploy the necessary actions so that the entire university community can participate in the planned activities.

Strategic strengthening of the alliance to respond to the current crisis

The current situation, which certainly draws a new and unexpected environment, has led the six university Rectors from EUTOPIA to face the future together and with a fully European perspective. Considering the global problems and challenges, they have agreed that the response must be coordinated between universities.

For these reasons, the mission and vision of the EUTOPIA project go beyond the three-year pilot plan and has its sights set for 2050. This has been expressed by the Rectors of the 6 universities in a joint letter sent to the European Commission, where they affirm: “The big challenge is how to overcome the disruptive effects of pandemics without cutting back on the networking and mobility necessary for education and research in the European Universities of the future. The answer will be digital and European. We are ready to take up the challenge”.

First published by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.