Valerie Nachef (CY) ( Learning Unit lead

Valérie Nachef has a PhD and an HDR. Her research domain is cryptography. She is the director of the International Bachelor Y Data Science by Design of CY Cergy Paris Université.

Matthieu Cisel (CY) ( Learning Unit lead

Dr. Matthieu Cisel has a PhD in Education Data Mining. He teaches statistics and argumentation at CY Cergy Paris Université, and notably the Data and Critical Thinking Learning Unit.

Louise McNally (UPF) (

Louise McNally is Professor of Linguistics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Her research and teaching focus on natural language meaning.

Jan De Beule (VUB) (

Jan De Beule is assistant professor at the VUB. His research and teaching duties are in discrete mathematics, with applications in data science.

Kosmidis Ioannis (UoW) (

Ioannis Kosmidis is a Reader in Data Science at University of Warwick. His research interests range from core theory and methodology of statistics to inter-disciplinary Data Science applications and scientific software development.

Robert MacKay (UoW) (

Robert MacKay is a Professor of Mathematics and Director of Mathematical Interdisciplinary Research at Warwick.  His main research interests are in theory and application of dynamical systems.


In a world where fake or biased information gained momentum through the power of social networks, the teaching of critical thinking and reasoning is more important than ever. This course dwells on the concepts of fallacy and cognitive bias and how they relate to the field of data analysis. It represents an initiation to argumentation, propositional, and probabilistic logic.


  • Cross-EUTOPIA student debate on Data and Critical Thinking – When? March 3rd 2021 – Where? online – more information in this brochure.


  • Cross-EUTOPIA participation in CY’s ‘Data and Critical Thinking’ MOOC – When? Autumn 2021 – Where? online – More info available soon.


Contact the EUTOPIA curriculum team: Jo Angouri and Linde Moriau.